What to expect

Going anywhere for the first time can be an intimidating experience, especially when that ‘anywhere’ is a new church.

All sorts of questions flood the mind: What will it be like? How long is the service? What’s expected of me when I get there? Do I have to dress nice? Will they tolerate my crying baby? I don’t know anything about Christianity or God or anything…will I be totally lost? Hopefully this page will answer some of these kinds of questions.


The worship service is about 60 minutes long and begins at 11am. A member of the welcome team will greet you on arrival and show you where to go. The church is wheelchair friendly with no steps to worry about. You can wear whatever you are comfortable with. We don’t use other books for services(other than the bible) so any words for songs, or anything else will be up on the projector screen. There is tea/coffee after the service if you want to stay around a while and get to know us better or just slip away if you are in a rush..

The worship service is designed so that everyone should feel included, welcomed, and be able to follow the service. Even people who think of themselves as far from faith, and non-fluent in ‘God-talk’ should be able to follow the service and its content. This is never perfectly accomplished, but it is a commitment we have as a church. If you are worried about your baby crying or your children making a bit of noise don’t panic we love children whether quiet or noisy. There is no offering plate or basket passed around, You do not have to give money to participate in Crinken and its worship. However if you are regular participant at Crinken, you are encouraged to so that Crinken can continue to do the good work that God is calling it to!

Expect to meet Jesus, to hear about Jesus, to be loved by Jesus, to be changed by Jesus.

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